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Debut Issue Launching at NBAA

Convention in Las Vegas - Oct. 10th-12th

The PilotsDigest was created to fulfill a need in the aviation industry to give the Private/Owner information that they are interested in. Many of the Pilot Magazines are set up for the casual reader, many of whom have never flown a plane. At PilotDigest our publication is written by Pilots for Pilots. 


The information contained in this publication is for the benefit of those who fly or own their own plane. It is like no other publication out there. In addition to the printed version which is distributed at the top 20% of all FBO's in the United States, it is also available as a digital magazine for your PC, laptops and notebooks.

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Circulation where it counts

Every day Pilots and Owners of aircraft are traveling through the doors of fixed base operations. Many times they are on a time schedule. We make access to the PilotsDigest right at the point where they are either departing or arriving. The PilotsDigest is specifically designed to meet many of their needs both in entertainment and knowledge . WIth over 500 FBO participants, we distribute over 200,000 digests throughout the year.

You'll find us where you find Pilots and Owners of Aircraft

Throughout the year, we travel all over the United States to attend and participate as a Vendor at the top Aviation Conventions. This has proven to be an excellent way in acquiring notoriety and subscriptions to the PilotsDigest. As a subscriber you not only receive the printed issues, but you also have access to the DIgital version and membership to out website.

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